Trips and extracurricular events

Trips and extracurricular events

Harmonious development in a fairytale setting, Edenland Park.

Edenland Park is an adventure park for both children and adults, with an area of approximately 20 hectares. In any season, the appearance and atmosphere of the adventure park takes you from one corner of the fantastic land to another. The lenght of the park, the feeling of freedom and the fresh air awakens the spirit of explorer and adventurer in us, offering us the well-deserved and much-desired respite, the break from everyday life. Edenland Park is the ideal destination for outdoor adventure, relaxation and fun.

Personalized offer for trips and extracurricular events

Trips and extracurricular events can be organized exclusively from Monday to Friday, except for legal holidays.

We have more than 5 dynamic activities that are suitable for both young children going to kindergarten, as well as for primary school students, middle school students and high school students. We have pavilions and a food area with a wide variety of products and we provide all the necessary resources and adequate professional support to organize a memorable event.


15 Tree trails with various difficulty levels, equipped with the unique safety system in Romania – “Life Line”. This gives the participants comfort and confidence all the route.


Discover and explore the side of the fearless adventurer side, by climbing a wall of 12 m height and 25 sqm surface.


The entire play area has been arranged with special attention to the safety of the little ones and has play assemblies with climbing areas, slides, swings, rocking chairs, trampolines and sand islands.


Developing concentration, stimulating internal balance and testing the maintenance of calmness, archery also helps in orientation towards objectives, consistency and the acquisition of a correct posture.


A moment that emphasizes creativity and imagination, the little ones can also develop their teamwork spirit, the ability of inter-relationship and communication, attention to details and motor skills.

Discounts for school groups:

Minimum 10 people

For a group of at least 10 people, participating in the activity, the discount is applied as follows:

10% for an activity or
two activities;
15% for three activities;

Minimum 20 people

For a group of at least 20 people, participating in the activity, the discount is applied as follows:

10% for an activity;
15% for two activities;
20% for three activities;

Minimum 40 people

For a group of at least 40 people, participating in the activity, the discount is applied as follows:

15% for an activity;
20% for two activities;
25% for three activities;

Edenland Park Access

For a school group, a discount is applied as follows:

25% discount for Edenland Park Access for people over 3 years. The coordinating teacher has free access to the park.

Standard rates

The above discounts apply.

Edenland Park Access
  • 20 ron/pers. over 3 years
Tree trails Access
  • Category 14+ years – 100 ron/person (3h)
  • Category 4-13 years – 80 ron/person (3h)
  • Children 4-5 years – 40 ron/person (2h) – Do not benefit from discount!

* glove purchase is optional (5 ron/pair)
* the activity is intended for everyone from the age of 4 years and the minimum height of 1 m.
* the maximum permissible weight is 110 kg, it is possible that people approaching this weight cannot be equipped if the harnesses do not fit, so they cannot participate in the activity.

Wall escalate Access
  • 30 Ron / 30 minutes

* the activity is intended for all persons with a height of at least 1.20 m.
* the maximum permissible weight is 100 kg.

Children's playground Access
  • 40 ron/child/all day

* Activity for children aged 2 to 9 years

  • 10 arrows/charger – 20 ron

* Minimum age 5 years.

Painting workshop
  • 1 plaster figurine – 30 ron

Participation in sports activities requires wearing appropriate shoes, boots or sports shoes. Equipment will not be provided if you are wearing slippers, sandals, espadrilles, moccasins, heeled or platform shoes or any other type of footwear that does not provide protection.

Attentiont! In order to be able to enter the Edenland Park premises, minors must be accompanied by an adult and supervised by him throughout the visit. Minors will be accompanied by an adult, and the latter will be responsible for both their safety and their behavior throughout the activities for which they choose.

Attention! Edenland Park regulations do not allow visitors access with food and drinks from outside the park. The park has a food and drinks area, for details and orders visit the Food&Drinks section.

Trips and extracurricular events form

The offer presented is valid for one day during the week (except for public holidays). After completing the information, please fill in the form below.
Attention! Completing the form does not constitute a firm reservation. You will receive an email confirmation once your booking is processed.

Please read and comply with both the general rules of the park and the regulations specific to each activity.

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