Airsoft is a sport game practiced in two ways: individual events, team-building type.

In this game participants simulate a conflict or perform certain tasks, which are replicas of real weapons that launches non-spherical projectiles, using specific equipment and military tactics. Replicas for airsoft, are usually good copies of all real wepon modles (AK, M4, MP7, Glock, etc.), therefore came the name”airsoft replica” that can’t create serious injuries.

The Edenland polygon is the perfect place to practice shooting with airsoft-type guns under the guidance of specialised trainers.

This unique place was tought to be appropriate for all ages. In the polygon you will find the most realistic airsoft replicas, exact copies of real weapons that use plastic balls as ammo, 6 mm biodegradable.

Because your safety comes first, firing sessions will be carried out only under the supervision of instructors. Inside the polygon is mandatory to wear protective glasses put at our disposal by the team.

For the shooting sessions you can choose between airsoft guns, rifles or machine guns, and you can even get into the skin of a dedicated sniper dedicated to shoot from lying down. We provide legendary models like the AK-47, M4a1, Colt 1911, Walther P99 psychological, M16, Desert Eagle, Glock and many others. We also have models for the little ones.

We invite you to test your skills by shooting at fixed targets, movable or hinged, in the most advanced airsoft polygon from Romania.


20 lei / charger
100 lei / 6 chargers

The prices are in LEI and they include VAT of 9%


Monday – Sunday – 10:00 am to sunset

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12 Cantonului, Balotesti, Ilfov

Email: [email protected]