Edenland Park is one of the biggest adventure parks in Romania. It is located 20 km from Bucharest, in Balotesti town and offers over 10 attractions and outdoor activities, including Zooland, a unique experience.
According to and often recommended, Zooland addresses all family members, from the youngest to the oldest, being a place for leisurely walks, with many stops requested by various hosts.

Meeting and knowing: ostriches, camels, dwarf goats, peacocks, deer, llamas and much more, you get the Zooland experience, which means you get more than a disconnection from daily life.

By interacting with the unique animal personalities of Edenland Park, you have close-knit multisensory encounters with some of the most friendly non-speakers. At each stop, on the alleys of Zooland, you will be able to find captivating details about the most important specimens of the hosted species, being thus an excellent informative miniature an ideal destination for curious learners.
And because we have a special place close to our hearts for the great Zooland family, we always make sure that we offer the animals the best care, continuously improving their habitat, the best veterinary services and optimal food regardless of the season.

Don't forget to smile at the dwarf goats! They will be even more welcoming!

Zooland is open to visitors in both the hot and cold seasons. Through this attraction we want to offer visitors the opportunity to connect with nature and through its more lively expression, animals. We also believe that a visit to Zooland is an opportunity to understand and take care of all non-speakers, no matter what environment they are in.


Visiting Zooland does not involve additional costs and does not require an appointment.


Zooland is available in the park’s program, from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 to sunset.

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Please contact us on the phone only during these working hours:
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