Painting workshop

We want to be a real play and educational partner for the young visitors of the Edenland Adventure Park, so we prepared for you the most colourful place in the park, our painting studio for children of all ages.

A moment that emphasizes creativity and imagination, the little ones can also develop their teamwork spirit, the ability of inter-relationship and communication, attention to details and motor skills.

So, whether children are creative and enjoy painting and using colours, or whether you want to relive the feeling of childhood, Nuance Art Studio is the ideal place where imagination, fun and color make you feel like home.

We invite you to a wonderful place where fairy tale princesses, cartoon characters, cute animals, paintings of all sizes and models, flowers and three-dimensional cars are just waiting to be painted and come to life.

The painting studio has also prepared other surprises for visitors of all ages, such as anti-stress coloring books, designed to bring joy to all adult’s universe, wooden painting crafts, creative kits that will test the creativity of each artist, puzzles that can be assembled and than painted, home decorations made of plaster composition that can be decorated according to the taste of each visitor. Also we can offer beautiful wearable art textiles designed to be painted.

Transforming our faces enhanced play activities enormously, so we thought: what could be more fun than becoming your favorite superhero for a day? That’s way, every weekend our play and colorful corner will host an artist for the face painting activity.


We offer over 150 models of white plaster figurines to be painted any colour you like. Since we cover the wishes of both children and adults, prices may vary between 20 lei for small figurines and 130 lei for large decorations.

The prices are in LEI and they include VAT of 9%. Payment – cash and card.


Mondey – Sunday – 10:00 am to sunset