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Tree houses

We do not know either how and where this year has passed too, but here we are again at the end of the season. Therefore, until next year, in March:), the activities of the park will not be available. You can still visit the Animal Farm, spend the nights in the tree houses or enjoy horse riding.
Thank you for visiting us this season!
We’ll continue sending photographic captures from the park:) # staytuned #edenland #fun


One of the most interesting attractions of Edenland Adventure Park, along with the tours, is represented by the tree houses, which are unique in Romania.

Completely functional (equipped with a shower cabin and heat in winter time), having a special design, the tree houses offer you the ideal occasion to enjoy being in nature at night, under the moon light, with your loved one, your friends or family.

By their fairy-tale look and amazing comfort, the tree houses make room for the fantastic to manifest and urge you to live magical nights far from the visual clutter and phonic stress of the urban life.

All the houses are built around the trunks of the trees, 4 of them being set at 2 m above the ground, and one on the ground, creating an atmosphere as in Tolkien’s books, thus being an outstanding visual experience.

No matter which one you chose, casuta Soimu’ (The Falcon House), Ariciu’ (The Hedgehog House), Melcu’ (The Snail House), Closca cu pui (The Broody Hen with Its Chicks House) or Casuta din povesti (The Fairy Tale Cottage), Edenland offers you an experience in an outstanding world, in nature, enjoying the lively and changeable colours of the surroundings.

The tree houses are rented based on a hotel regime, with the check-in starting at 2:00 p.m. and the check-out at 12:00 p.m. They have a bathroom with shower cabin, heat in winter time and a mini-cooler. They do not have a TV set.

Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the tree houses. Non-compliance is punished with a 500 Lei fine.

Pets are also not allowed inside the tree houses.

The reservation implies full payment in advance. Therefore, please fill in the form below.


 Melcu’ –  290 Lei/night – capacity maximum 2 persons
Ariciu’  –  340 Lei/night – capacity maximum 3 persons
Closca cu Pui  –  390 Lei/night – capacity maximum 4 persons
Casuta din povesti  –  390 Lei/night – capacity maximum 4 persons
Soimu’  –  490 Lei/night – capacity maximum 4 persons

The fees are expressed in Lei and include 9% VAT.

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