My dear, I want to tell you my first meeting with this piece of heaven. Several years ago I ended up in the Edenland forest, I went to see the place where they will move the horses and there I met Sorin Ghete, the owner of this dreamlike place. We walked through the forest and he explained about each piece of land and how it will look, and at one point I needed to go to the toilet. Obviously I’m wondering where can I go to the restroom, and Sorin showed me a beautiful wooden house. We went to the house, with some doubt because it looked like a house to live in, not a public restroom in the middle of the forest. I want to tell you that after going inside I figured it out right away that these people, Mihaela and Sorin Ghete, are hardworking and responsible, who are going to make a wonderful thing…which they did.

Edenland is now the nicest, cleanest, most friendly entertainment park from what I saw. The employees are extremely careful with all the people who walk in the park, smiling, hospitable and open. The park has spaces for all age categories, a restaurant with fresh food, and if you want to stay overnight you can do that without care because a tree house could be rented – attention,it has a bathroom with all you need 🙂

What more can I say, it’s my favorite place, I feel wonderful at Edenland. It is an oasis of beautiful, and quiet! I thank Edenland that you exist and you make our lives more beautiful!

Marius Tuca

Edenland means an incredible world that you never expected to be so close to a European capital such as Bucharest is. The first reaction you have when someone would get here would be: “there is no such thing!”. It truly exists, and it’s as true as possible!

Dragos Stoica

Whimsical by nature, with a lousy start of the day, I rotate between playing table tennis or ride a bike silently on the paved alleys, far away from the noise of Herastrau or other “oases” swamped by “loud people”. I discover the climbing trees courses, a true network of suspended streets. I see instructors assisting from young children to young and older people, swinging on a zipline, or flying through the air on a anchored net . READ MORE