Minigolf Land

Minigolf Land is the ideal place for everyone, regardless of age! Located just 20 minutes from Bucharest, this attractive destination brings together families with children, groups of friends and teenagers in an environment where the tranquility of nature blends harmoniously with the fun and relaxation offered by a game of minigolf with loved ones.

With us, a unique interactive experience awaits you, specially designed to bring joy and fun. Each track is carefully thought out, having a well-chosen theme, with loops and creative obstacles designed to stimulate the imagination and create moments of good mood. The colorful interior is full of small surprises, specially created to fascinate the participants at every step and to provide an ideal setting for your day.

Minigolf is a game of active fun, perfect for anyone, regardless of the level of talent or experience. It can be played with family, friends or colleagues, but also alone, both on the weekend and during the week. This activity not only offers moments of fun, but also contributes to the development of skills such as logic, hand-eye coordination, concentration, dexterity, analysis.

Our activity is also the perfect place for teambuilding events or educational activities for kindergartens, schools and high schools. Our fun and different concept is specially created to bring people together, to teach them to work in a team and to stimulate active social interaction.

How do you play it?

Simple! Minigolf takes place on the specially designed trackes, with approved balls and clubs. The goal is to put the ball from the starting point into the hole on the track, in as few strokes as possible, hitting the ball from where it is left. The important thing is to have fun, and our staff is always at your disposal, welcoming you with a smile and patiently explaining.

The average duration differs from one group to another, adapting to each one’s skills and the number of players, but also to the period of the chosen week. The minigolf club is not transferable, and the game is organized on a tour of 18 tracks, with a maximum duration of 40 minutes. Each track is played only once, in turn and in numerical order, and ends when the ball enters the hole on the track.

Please enjoy the Minigolf Land experience respecting the terms, conditions and internal rules, as well as the legislation in force. Our team ensures that each participant feels safe through video surveillance inside the field. We understand the importance of fun, but any damage or destruction of the equipment may involve a claim for compensation from the company.

Important note: if the weather conditions do not allow, the minigolf course will be closed to the public, for everyone’s safety.

Children’s safety is a priority at Minigolf Land, and to ensure an experience full of joy and safety, minors under the age of 12 are invited to explore our activity together with a responsible adult, always present. Thus, every moment spent at Minigolf Land becomes an adventure full of fun and safety for everyone present.


30 lei per person/tour (18 tracks)
Special Package: 80 lei for 3 people and is offered on request.

People with disabilities, accompanied by a valid certificate, benefit free of charge.
If you want personalized offers for teambuildings, school groups or children’s parties, you can write to us at [email protected].

Costs are expressed in Lei and the company does not apply VAT.

Opening hours

Open Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00 am to sunset

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