Basic survival techniques

In this training programme you will go through the theoretical and practical basics of living isolated in the wild.

Whether it’s a wilderness adventure in remote areas or the dynamics of life led you into surprising situations, fundamental survival techniques help you stay safe and resilient no matter the challenges.

The training program is led by military instructors with more than 25 years of experience in the military and starts on day 1 at 10:00 and ends on day 2 at 16:00.

It comprises the following elements:

  • Survival pyramid (principles, concepts, rule 3330, KISS rule)
  • Topography (map knowledge, legend, scale, station point determination, azimuth, route)
  • Compass and GPS knowledge
  • Navigation with map and compass (route through the forest that is about 3-5 km long)
  • Determination of cardinal points by alternative methods (other than compass and GPS)
  • Bivouac (improvised shelters, principles, types and methods of building them)
    • Course participants will spend a night in nature in shelters built by them or in tents
    • We actively support the idea of spending a night in nature, in a bivouac, in order to increase the moral-volitional qualities of the trainees, but if among the participants there are people who do not want this, then they can go home on the evening of day number 1 of the training and return on day number 2 at the first hour for the continuation of the activities
  • Types of fires
  • Fire lighting methods
  • Determination of water sources – procurement, filtration (types of filters), storage and transport of water
  • Animal and vegetable feed (procurement, testing, preparation, storage and transport)
  • Behavior of wild animals
  • Trapping (types of traps, principles, operation and location)
  • Climbing knots
  • Survival knife
  • Survival kit (contents, how to use)
  • Signs of improving/worsening weather given by nature (weather situation)
  • Mission/hike planning
  • First aid in isolation (primary diagnosis, intervention, stabilisation, patient transport, types of improvised stretchers)
  • Human performance and limitations (physiological aspects, hypoxia, hypoxic hypoxia, hypobarism, hypoxic gradient, baric gradient and thermal gradient)
  • Protection, first aid and intervention in hypothermia
  • International signs and signals of help and response to ground and air rescuers
  • Technical survival equipment (technical-tactical characteristics, choice, use, maintenance and storage)

Conditions of participation:

  • Minimum age 7 years old
  • Children aged 7 to 14 must be accompanied by an adult free of charge
  • Participants must be in good physical and mental health
  • The minimum number of people (paying ticket) for the course is 3 and the maximum number is 20

Participants will be fed on their own (canned food, fish, etc.) or for a fee at Edenland Park restaurants.

The teaching methods, pace and content of the training programme will be adapted according to the specific age of the participants.

The price of the course is 1000 RON per person and can be paid to IBAN account RO19BRDE445SV03741064450, holder Casa de Filme 5 SRL.

Location: Edenland Park, north side, coordinates 44.65444°N 26.10003°E

Course participants must be in good physical and mental condition and abide by the general rules and regulations of Edenland Park and Survival Camp. Minors are guaranteed to be accompanied by their parents, and the purchase of tickets is a declaration to this effect by the client.

Let the survival adventure begin!

Required equipment:

  • Mountain blouse/trousers (ideally trekking trousers in cordura, cotton, schoeller);
  • Mountain boots, MTR trainers or ankle boots (we recommend all-season boots);
  • Rain suit (ideally Gore-Tex top and trousers or rain cape);
  • 30-40 litre rucksack;
  • Head torch;
  • Sleeping bag (with the appropriate thermal comfort index for the season);
  • Isoprene (sleeping mat);
  • Knife 20-25 cm long, preferably with a fixed blade;
  • Water bottle with metal cup;
  • Amnar (fire starter);
  • Paracord – strong synthetic thread 2-4 mm thick and 20 m long;
  • Old cotton T-shirt to be used as textile waste;

Don’t have all the necessary equipment? We’ll rent it for you:

  • Sleeping bag + Interior bag 50 RON
  • Isoprene 5 RON
  • Knife 10 RON
  • Amnar 5 RON


The price of the course is 1000 RON per person.

Opening hours

Open Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00 am to sunset


Reservations can be made via Whatsapp on 0722465978

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