Frequently asked questions

Where is Edenland Park located?

Edenland Adventure Park is situated just 20 km from Bucharest, in Balotesti, at 12 Cantonului road. Once you arrive in Balotesti by DN1, follow the Edenland signs.

The car ride lasts, on average, 20 minutes from Bucharest.

When is Edenland Park open?

The Park is open daily, including holidays, from 10:00 am until sunset.

If weather conditions are unfavorable (strong wind, storm, heavy rain) at opening time, and the forecast doesn’t change, the decision to open (or not) the Park will be taken that morning. A notice will be posted on the website and facebook. If weather conditions become unfavorable during the program, the decision to suspend the activity is taken depending on its abundance (valid for storm and/or windy).

How can I get from Bucharest to the park, other than by personal car?

The alternative way of transport can only take you up to 900 meters close to the park. The possible route is the following:

From Piata Presei Libere (Bucharest) you can take any bus that arrives at the Otopeni (Magura) exit. Then, from the exit of Otopeni (Magura) you can take the local transport of Balotesti commune – details HERE (in Romanian only).

Is there an access fee for Edenland Park?

Yes, the access in the park involves the following costs:

20 lei/person
Children under 3 years free of charge.

Security 24h/24h, Pay Parking 5lei/hour (first 30 minutes free), Free Wireless Internet.

Can I ride my own bicycle in the park?

Yes you can. There are no additional costs.

Are there any indoor activities?

No, all activities and event places at Edenland Park are outdoor.

Is there any special place for outdoor barbeques or picnics?

No, there is no such place in the park.

Is access with dogs allowed?

Yes, dog access is allowed, the condition is that they must be kept on a leash and permanently supervised ( large dogs require a muzzle).

Is booking needed for the tree courses?

The Edenland Adventure Park policy allows to book the necessary equipment for the activities, only on weekdays, for a group of minimum 10 persons (except legal holidays).

Can we organize child birthday party?

Yes, we offer event planning services for various requests, such as parties and celebrations. All specific information are obtained by sending a request to the following address [email protected].

Are the participants accompanied by an instructor on the course?

No. After buying your ticket, you will be equipped and will take part in training-demonstration for about 10 minutes, during which will be explained how to use protective equipment. Then you are independent on the courses.

Within the park there are supervisors who will assist if necessary.

Can we organize birthday parties at Edenland Park?

Yes. You can organize all sort of events at Edenland Park, personal or work related. You can find out mre HERE.

Where can we eat at Edenland Park?

Within the park there is a food area where you can find multiple food stand, includin a restaurant. You can find out more HERE.

Can we book reservations at the restaurant?

No, you can not.

What facilities are the tree houses offering?

The tree houses are for overnight rent, with check-in from 03:00 pm and check-out (next day) at 11.00 am. They are equipped with: bathrooms with shower, heating in winter.

Can photo-shoots be organised at Edenland Park?

At Edenland Park we offer our clients the opportunity to organize photo sessions/shoots in the park. For this, a specific request must be sent at e-mail [email protected].

We propose 2 alternatives:

  • Photo session/shoot in the park, excluding the tree houses and their gardens – 300 Lei
  • Photo session/shoot in the park + inside the tree houses and their gardens. In this case, it is necessary to book the tree house, with the possibility to take pictures both inside the house and outside, around it. The cost is calculated according to the tree house you choose to book plus the standard fee (300 lei).