General regulations

Edenland Park is accessible to everyone who wants to spend time and leisure in the middle of nature. Edenland Park is a private property and it is mandatory to take note of this regulation.
Edenland Park is a privately owned location, in order to have access to it you need the prior acceptance that will be granted only after the knowledge of this regulation.
Thus, by accessing the perimeter of Edenland Park, visitors are implicitly agreeing to these rules and are required to respect them irrevocably and unconditionally and cannot invoke their ignorance as long as they are in the premises.
All the rules found below have been strictly implemented in the interest and safety of visitors.
People who appreciate them as restrictive or simply do not agree to their observance have the option not to enter the park.
Any subsequent complaints regarding the internal regulations will not be taken into consideration, as it is late.

Due to solid reasons, Edenland Park reserves the right to select its clients in a non-discriminatory manner and only in the interests of maintaining a proper recreational and entertaining climate for people on the premises.

  1. All participants must obey the Edenland Park staff’s instructions;
  2. Any piece of equipment representing Edenland Park’s property is available for rental under the following conditions:
  3. All equipment belonging to Edenland Park is rented under the following conditions:
  • declaration of identity by means of an identity document during the rental period and the client’s acceptance for the use of personal data during the period in which they are in possession of the equipment, until its recovery in the same state in which it was taken from the park staff;


  • keeping the amount representing the value of the equipment during the rental guarantee and in case of its destruction or deterioration, the value of the equipment will be retained from the person who rented them (maximum 5 equipment for an identity document).
  1. It is strictly forbidden to destroy or/and damage any piece of equipment, supplies or decorations existing at Edenland Park;
  2. Any action of destruction of property, equipment and / or specially designated places belonging to Edenland Park will be imputed to the person responsible and the value will be determined according to the company’s accountancy;
  3. Access to Edenland Park is only allowed within the displayed program hours;
  4. In order to be able to enter Edenland Park, minors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult throughout the visit;
  5. Physically or verbally aggressive behavior towards other participants or staff of the park administration is prohibited;
  6. It is strictly forbidden to introduce / use / abandon in Edenland Park area any sharp or breakable objects that can cause injuries or weapons of any kind;
  7. Fire is strictly forbidden inside the park;
  8. It is forbidden to touch wires or electrical panels;
  9. It is forbidden to bring any type of food, drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), iceboxes and / or big luggage inside the park;
  10. It is forbidden to access green space anywhere in the area Edenland Park;
  11. In Edenland Park we do not have a picnic area (no blankets and hammocks can be spread over the park areas);
  12. Waste disposal is mandatory in specially designed areas;
  13. Smoking is allowed only in specially arranged and signaled places;
  14. In order to meet physiological needs it is mandatory to use the toilets exclusively;
  15. Edenland Park does not practice a specific dress code, but kindly requests decency and respect to other clients and staff;
  16. Pets are allowed inside Edenland Park with the understanding that they must be on a leash at all times and must not be left unattended (mandatory muzzle for dogs of dangerous breeds category);
  17. It is forbidden to use chemicals, detergents in commercial areas of the park, except for organic ones;
  18. By reading this regulation, the participant expresses its agreement to the possibility of its inclusion in photos for illustration and commercial support; By accepting these conditions, Edenland Park is protected from any claim regarding the image rights;
  19. Taking pictures, filming, making a broadcast or people interviewing for commercial purposes inside Edenland Park, is strictly forbidden without the written agreement of the park’s management;
  20. Inside Edenland Park it is strictly forbidden to: sell or promote any product, sampling, recruit or interview people without the written agreement of the park’s management;
  21. Selling, buying, bringing and using any type of drugs or illicit substances is strictly forbidden inside Edenland Park;
  22. Edenland Park is not responsible for lost or stolen objects left unattended in both the parking lot and inside the park;
  23. Edenland Park is not responsible for accidents or injuries caused to third parties as a result of non-observance by the participants of the indications of park personnel and this regulation;
  24. Edenland Park is not responsible for any accident or damage caused by tree branches fall;

In case of a medical emergency, please call 112;


  • Exclude from the park participants who violate the security rules and discipline imposed, as well as participants with inadequate behaviour that would affect the normal course of activities;
  • DO NOT allow the entry of any person under the influence of alcohol and / or hallucinogenic substances into the park;
  • Interrupt activities in case of bad weather conditions (strong wind, storm, heavy rain);
  • Limit the access inside Edenland Park during special events.