General regulations

Edenland Park is open to all those wishing to recreate in nature, subject to strict compliance with the conditions imposed by the internal rules.

Edenland Park is a privately owned site. In order to gain access, it is obligatory to take note of and comply with these general rules and the specific rules for each activity. By purchasing tickets you give your consent to read and accept these rules.

The content of these rules is implemented strictly in the interest and for the safety of visitors. Persons who consider them to be restrictive or simply do not agree to abide by them have the option of not entering the park premises.

  1. Edenland Park recommends that participants take out a health insurance policy.
  2. Participants are obliged to follow the instructions of the park staff throughout their visit. Participants are solely responsible for any incidents that occur as a result of not following the instructions.
  3. Minors must be accompanied by an adult and supervised by an adult throughout the visit in order to enter Edenland Park.
  4. Access to Edenland Park is permitted according to the posted opening hours.
  5. It is forbidden to enter Edenland Park with food or any type of drink, coolers and/or bulky luggage.
  6. Aggressive behaviour, both physical and verbal, towards other guests and/or park management staff is prohibited.
  7. To rent equipment belonging to Edenland Park, an adult person must present his/her identity card and acknowledge and sign the information on the processing of personal data. A customer card containing all the identification data is issued to this person. By purchasing tickets, the person consents and undertakes that all ticket recipients shall comply with the provisions of the internal rules.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to destroy and/or damage any equipment, facilities or installations in Edenland Park. Any damage, even if caused by negligence, to property, equipment and/or special areas belonging to Edenland Park will be charged to the person responsible and the value will be determined according to the company’s accounts.
  9. It is forbidden to use Edenland Park’s facilities or equipment belonging to it for purposes other than those permitted by these rules and rules specific to each activity.
  10. It is forbidden to light fires in the park.
  11. It is forbidden to touch electrical wires or panels.
  12. It is forbidden to go onto the green space anywhere in Edenland Park.
  13. There is no picnic area in Edenland Park. Therefore, blankets and hammocks may not be placed on the park areas.
  14. The rubbish must be disposed of selectively in specially designated areas.
  15. Smoking is only allowed in specially designated and signposted areas.
  16. For the satisfaction of physiological needs it is compulsory to use the toilets exclusively.
  17. Edenland Park does not have a specific dress code, but recommends decency and respect towards other guests and/or staff.
  18. Pets are allowed in Edenland Park, provided that they are kept on a leash and under constant supervision (muzzles are compulsory for dogs of dangerous breeds, according to current legislation).Pet owners are required to carry the necessary materials (litter, mat, bag, etc.) for cleaning the area and removing faeces.
  19. By accepting these rules, the customer agrees to the possibility of their inclusion in photographs for illustration and commercial support. Edenland Park is protected from any claim to image rights.
  20. It is forbidden to film, photograph, make reports and interviews for commercial purposes in Edenland Park without the prior written consent of SC Eden SRL.
  21. It is strictly forbidden to bring/use/leave in Edenland Park any sharp, breakable object that may cause injury, lethal or non-lethal weapons.
  22. It is forbidden to sell, promote, distribute samples, recruit or interview people in Edenland Park, without the prior written consent of SC Eden SRL.
  23. The sale, purchase, consumption or possession of drugs or other substances prohibited by law is prohibited in Edenland Park.
  24. Edenland Park is not responsible for the loss or theft of guest property both in the car park and on the park premises.
  25. Edenland Park shall not be liable for any accidents or damage caused to third parties as a result of participants’ failure to comply with the instructions of the park management staff and internal rules.
  26. Edenland Park is not liable for any accidents or damage caused by falling branches.
  27. The security officer may ask to view personal luggage to ensure that the provisions of the rules are observed.

For medical emergencies call 112.

Any subsequent complaint caused by a breach of the above-mentioned Edenland Park rules will not be taken into consideration and cannot produce any legal effects.


  • To select guests on a non-discriminatory basis and only in the interest of maintaining a recreational climate for persons on the premises.
  • To exclude from the Edenland Park premises participants who violate the imposed rules of security and discipline, as well as participants who exhibit inappropriate behaviour that would affect the normal conduct of the activities and other activities.
  • To not allow persons under the influence of alcohol and/or prohibited substances to enter the park.
  • To interrupt activities in the event of unfavourable weather conditions (strong wind, storm, heavy rain).
  • To limit access to Edenland Park during certain special events.