Regulations for the tree courses and Eden Jump

The tree trails activity is open to all people from the age of 4 years and a minimum height of 1 metre, who are in good physical and mental health and who are able to overcome all obstacles on the trails according to the rules imposed by the park staff.

Warning! Participants climb at their own risk after reading, understanding and accepting the rules. For minors, consent to participate must be given by accompanying adults.

It is compulsory to read and respect the rules below:

  1. Participation in the activities of tree trails and Eden Jump requires wearing appropriate shoes, boots or sports shoes. You will not be equipped if you are wearing slippers, sandals, espadrilles, moccasins, high heels or platform shoes or any other type of footwear that does not provide you with protection.
  2. The maximum weight allowed for tree trail participants is 110 kg. People approaching this weight may not be able to be equipped if the harnesses do not fit, so they cannot participate in the activity.
  3. For the Eden Jump activity the minimum age is 12 years (with written consent of the adult accompanying person) and the maximum weight allowed is 100 kg. Equipment must be returned immediately after the activity.
  4. To rent equipment belonging to Edenland Park, an adult person must present his/her identity card and acknowledge and sign the information on the processing of personal data. A customer card containing all the identification data is issued to this person. By purchasing tickets, the person consents and undertakes that all ticket recipients shall comply with the provisions of the internal rules.
  5. Both fitting and unfitting shall only be carried out by an authorised person from Edenland Park in specially marked areas. Any alteration made to the equipment’s tethers or attachments by the participant will result in the participant or his/her companion assuming liability for any damage caused.
  6. Minors will be accompanied by an adult, who will be responsible for both their safety and their behaviour throughout the activities they choose.
  7. The equipment is rented for three consecutive hours and is non-transferable, and attendance at the equipment training is compulsory. The instruction time is included in the equipment rental period.
  8. When the rental time is exceeded, participants will pay an additional fee according to the posted rates.
  9. The return of the equipment is final, regardless of whether the allocated time has not been used up.
  10. If, for any reason, it is desired to temporarily unassign the equipment, the time counting continues and the equipment remains in the custody of the person who rented it.
  11. If, after the equipment has been fitted, the participant feels unable to take part in the sporting activities and chooses not to continue, the amount paid is not refundable.
  12. It is recommended that the trails are covered gradually.
  13. The use of the two carabiners is compulsory throughout the routes.
  14. It is mandatory that participants respect the age and height limits posted at the start of each route.
  15. Overcrowding of the trails should be avoided, with only one person per game and a maximum of two people per platform.
  16. Once the activity starts, participants are not allowed to carry on their person: telephones, cameras, jewellery, sunglasses, bulky accessories or other objects to avoid accidents, for which they are directly responsible.
  17. During the activity, it is mandatory that long hair is tied back in a ponytail so as not to reduce visibility.
  18. Smoking is prohibited, as well as any other activity that could distract the participant from the route.
  19. If the participant does not respect the rules presented during the instruction by the authorized personnel, he/she will be stopped from the activity and will immediately hand in the equipment, without refunding the paid fee.
  20. In case the weather conditions become unfavourable, we reserve the right to interrupt the activity for safety reasons.
  21. Do not use Edenland Park attractions if you have consumed alcoholic beverages, substances prohibited by law or suffer from various medical conditions which may include, but are not limited to: fainting, cardiac arrhythmias, heart disease, blood pressure, phobias, episodes of loss of consciousness, etc. Edenland Park accepts no liability for any incident caused on the park premises resulting from poor medical conditions, failure to follow staff instructions or failure to follow instructions for use of the attractions.
  22. In the event of destruction/loss of protective equipment and goods required for activities within Edenland Park due to failure to follow the instructions for use, the cost of these will be borne by the hirer or parents/carers and must be paid as follows*:

Adult personal protective equipment: 1775 lei, consisting of:

  • Harness = 300 lei;
  • Girth I = 90 lei;
  • Girth Y = 175 lei;
  • Carabiniers = 60 lei;
  • Trac = 500 lei;
  • Zaza = 350 lei;
  • Helmet = 200 lei;
  • Identification tag = 100 lei;

Personal protective equipment for children: 1735 lei, consisting of:

  • Harness = 260 lei;
  • Girth I = 90 lei;
  • Girth Y = 175 lei;
  • Carabiniers = 60 lei;
  • Trac = 500 lei;
  • Zaza = 350 lei;
  • Helmet = 200 lei;
  • Identification tag = 100 lei;


  • Bike for adults:1500 lei;
  • Bike for children:1000 lei;
  • Ping pong table:1000 lei;
  • Paddle set :50 lei.

*The amounts mentioned above include VAT.

Violation of these rules shall exempt Edenland Park from liability for any damage.

By purchasing tickets, the customer or the minor’s carer, as the case may be, consents that he/she has read, understood and agrees to these regulations.

In the event that the consideration for the damaged equipment is not paid immediately, the amount due shall be deemed to be due, certain and liquid and for each day of delay in payment the debtor shall incur a penalty of 0.5% of the amount due until the date of actual payment.SC EDEN SRL is entitled to sue the customer for the recovery of the damage established according to the above-mentioned amounts, without any other proof, apart from the destroyed equipment, and the related penalties at the Court of Buftea.

Edenland Park reserves the right to refuse access or exclude from the route people who block it or do not respect the rules, for whatever reason.

Any subsequent complaint caused by a breach of the above-mentioned Edenland Park rules will not be taken into consideration and cannot produce any legal effects.