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Regulations for the climbing wall

The climbing wall is accessible to everyone from the age of 7, who claim to have a good physical and mental health.

Note: Participants attend Edenland Park on their own responsibility after reading, understanding and accepting the regulation. Access to the climbing panel is your adherence to this regulation and your submission to the rules. For minors, the consent to participate will be given by parents or adult attendants by presenting a valid ID card and the written agreement.

All participants must read and accept the rules listed below in order to access the climbing wall:

  1. Accessing the climbing wall without proper footwear is not allowed;
  2. The maximum weight allowed for the climbing wall participants is 100 kg.
  3. The protective equipment (harness + helmet) is not transferable and can be rented under the following conditions: storing the identity card during the rental period; keeping a copy of the identity card during the rental period; keeping the amount representing the value of the equipment during the rental period and their value in the event of destruction or damage will be borne by the person who rented it;
  4. Both donning and doffing of the equipment must be done only by Edenland Park staff members.
  5. The access to the climbing wall is done only in the presence of the instructor.
  6. The use of the safety rope is mandatory throughout the activity.
  7. The position of the safety rope must be between the arms.
  8. The safety rope will be attached and detached only by Edenland Park instructors.
  9. Climbing the wall horizontally is strictly prohibited. The climber should resume only at the climbing area indicated.
  10. It’s not allowed to stand near the wall while others climb. The fall of one of the climber can lead to serious injuries for both participants.
  11. When the rental time is exceeded, the participants will pay an additional fee according to the displayed rates.
  12. The return of the equipment is final, regardless of whether the allocated time has been consumed.
  13. Any climber who don’t follow the regulation, training rules and staff instructions will be excluded and will have to return the equipment.
  14. Refunds will not be issued to participants in case the park’s activities are suspended due to bad weather conditions (strong wind, storm, heavy rain).
  15. In case of destruction of the protective equipment, the equivalent value will be borne by the person who rented it or by the parents / attendants.
  16. If, after being equipped, the participant considers that he can not participate to the kind of activity chosen and chooses not to go further, the paid amount is not refunded.
  17. The minors will be accompanied by an adult and he will be responsible both for compliance with the rules and for the behaviour of the minor throughout their activity.
  18. All participants must contribute through their actions and attitudes to the safety and the smooth running of the activity. Injury of a climber by another is the direct responsibility of those involved, the instructor / society being relieved of any liability.

Any further complaint due to the disregard of Edenland Park regulations stated above will not be taken into consideration.