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Regulations regarding the playground

  1. Children aged between 0 and 7 years have access to the playground. Access is free for children up to 2 years of age.
  2. By entering the space called “Playground”, you accept and comply with this regulation and impose its observance by the child/children you accompany.
  3. Attendants are not allowed to use the equipments, and children are allowed inside only under the supervision of an attendant.
  4. The equipment will be used only in accordance with the limits of age, height, weight and number of people inscribed on each. Allow access only if the child accompanying him fit into those limits.
  5. Adults under the influence of alcohol and /or drugs, people with mental illness or violent behavior are not allowed. Also, alcohol or narcotics are not allowed, and smoking is strictly forbidden.
  6. Children who need special supervision (physical disabilities, mental health, exuberant behavior, ADD) are allowed only with people supervising them, these being directly responsible for their actions.
  7. Overcrowding playground equipment is forbidden, because it could cause accidents.
  8. It is forbidden to use the equipment in adverse weather conditions: rain, strong wind, fog, ice, snow.
  9. Children’s attendants will be responsible for the payment of any damage caused by these on the playground.
  10. Do not stand in the equipment safety area.
  11. Bullying other children, throwing stones, garbage and scrap metal are strictly forbidden.
  12. Stair climbing is not allowed for more than one person simultaneously.
  13. When using the carousel please make sure that all children are seated on benches and that there are no people between the arms and below it.
  14. When using spring figurines, please start swinging only after making sure the legs are positioned correctly and please firmly hold the handles.
  15. In the slide area, do not try to climb backwards or standing on the slides, they should only be used for downhill, feet first and sitting position.
  16. Only one child can slide at a time and after he arrives, he must clear the area, in order to avoid any injury.
  17. When using the cradles the indicated position is sitting , please do not jump before stopping.