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Come with your family in the biggest
adventure park in Romania !

Edenland is the place where you can relax, have fun and try new thrilling experiences with your friends and family. Here you'll find the safest adventure park in Romania.

The 12 tree tracks have a unique safety system in Romania (the life line) because for us, your safety comes first.

EDENLAND is working on other exciting projects! Stay tuned…

Edenland has also other exciting projects! You're more than welcome to pay us a visit. We're only 20 km away from center city Bucharest, Cantonului St, in Balotesti.

Here, you can also relax ridding the bike through the forest or you can try new thrilling experiences by jumping from 15 m height, obviously in a safe way.

Our project also includes something new in Romania-tree houses-fully equipped, where you can check in and spend some lovely, restful nights.

Whether you are a novice or experienced, our authorized instructors will help you discover the secrets of riding.EDENLAND has special routes both for children and for the adults !.
Babies have their own playground in the park , they will have a great time! The bravest can try routes with minimal difficulty, particularly for children aged 4 years.

12 Cantonlui Str., Balotesti
0733 365 263

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tree houses
Edenland's great surprise are tree houses. They are one of a kind in Romania.
Take the first steps into this sport guided by our specialists. Archery is the art, practice or skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow.
Come to Edenland Park and ride the bike in a healthy environment, away from pollution, noises and traffic jams.